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Eric Andersen’s signature emotive tenor voice and award-winning songwriting has captured the hearts of audiences for over a decade. As co-lead singer/songwriter of pop/rock group, The Novelists, Andersen has toured all over the nation sharing festival bills with and opening for artists such as Train, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Glenn Philips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and Daryl Stuermer (Genesis/Phil Collins Band). 

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Andersen began playing the viola at the age of ten. As a member of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra he experienced the brilliance of Beethoven, Bach and Grieg first hand, providing a strong foundation for his future songwriting. At 14 he discovered piano rockers, Ben Folds, Billy Joel, and Elton John and his life changed forever. He soon began penning his own songs while incessantly consuming the music of Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Beatles, Kostia, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Mathews and so many others. “During high school I’d spend hours in the choir room playing the piano instead of going to class. My friends thought I was crazy. I was obsessed,” says Andersen.

In 2008, Eric moved to Reno, NV on a whim to accept a spot on the University of Nevada alpine ski racing team. Andersen’s devotion to music, however, soon eclipsed his commitment to ski racing and he decided to pursue a full-time career in music, quickly gaining a loyal following. During this time, he met many of the people who would become life-long friends and musical collaborators. The following year, he joined The Novelists as co-lead singer and songwriter. Over the past decade, his musical career has continued to evolve as a solo artist, member of The Novelists, TV music songwriter and session musician credited on dozens of projects. 

Andersen is best known for his catchy, melodic and lyrically driven songs. To quote singer/songwriter Kate Cotter, “Eric Andersen’s strong tenor voice is captivating. His grasp of technique, coupled with the nuance of raw emotion, rivals the best I’ve heard among any artist in the industry.” While Andersen’s music draws from themes of self-discovery, unwavering faith in the human spirit and overcoming adversity, his deadpan comedic stage presence never fails to draw a laugh from the audience.

When Eric isn’t touring with The Novelists, he performs regularly throughout the greater Reno/Tahoe area as a solo artist and in various other ensembles, including acoustic duos with Joel Ackerson (The Novelists Acoustic Duo/Andersen Ackerson) and singer/songwriter Kate Cotter. Andersen also performs occasionally with the Daryl Stuermer band as a guest lead vocalist.

** Eric is available to perform for private events as a soloist or as a member of any of the ensembles listed above. Please send an E-mail to: to inquire **


Notable Performances:

Sail Across the Sun - hosted by “Train” (with The Novelists) 

TEDx University of Nevada (with The Novelists)

Strawberry Music Festival (with The Novelists)

California Worldfest (with The Novelists)

Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium (with The Novelists)

Boerner Botanical Gardens Summer Concert Series (with Daryl Stuermer Band)

Sounds of Summer Concert Series (with Daryl Stuermer Band)

The Latin Grammy Awards (with Maluma) 

The Listening Room Festival (with The Novelists)


2018 RGJ - Song of the Year - “With Drawl” - The Novelists

2017 FORTE Award - Best Pop Band - The Novelists

2017 FORTE Nomination - Male Vocalist

2016 Reno News and Review - Best Band - The Novelists


2010 - “Plane Rides & Ocean Tides” - Independent 

2011 - “The Beatles” - Gigatone Records

2012 - “Backstory” - True Story Records - The Novelists

2012 - “Close to Home” - Independent 

2013 - “The Novelists Book Club” - True Story Records - The Novelists

2016 - “Breaking the Script” - True Story Records - The Novelists

2018 - “With Drawl” - True Story Records - The Novelists

TV Song Placements:

2014 - SAF3: 

“Saving Grace”

2019 - Baywatch Remastered:

“You Take My Mind Off Of It”

“The Current”

“Waiting for You”

“Stand Together”



Kate Cotter - Drink the Dessert - Drink the Dessert - 2010 - Bg Vocals

Kate Cotter - Drink the Dessert - Bare - 2010 - Piano

Tyler Stafford - On a String - 2011 - Co-Producer 

Tyler Stafford - On a String - Calling Me - 2011 - BG Vocals/Piano

Tyler Stafford - On a String - Lullaby - 2011 - String Arrangement 

Tyler Stafford - On a String - Stranger - 2011 - String Arrangement 

Tyler Stafford - On a String - Ghosts - 2011 - Organ/String Arrangement/Vocal Arrangement

Tyler Stafford - On a String - On a String - 2011 - String Arrangement/Piano

Tyler Stafford - On a String - Tomorrow Will Bring - 2011 - BG Vocals

Tyler Stafford - On a String - My Song For Leaving - Tuba Arrangement/Vocal Arrangement 

Tyler Stafford - On a String - Lime Tree - Organ/Bg Vocals

Justin McMahon - The Opposite of Fun - The Economy of Meaning - 2013 - Piano

Justin McMahon - The Opposite of Fun - Passerby - 2013 - Keyboards 

Heather Aubrey Lloyd - A Message in the Mess - Even Now - 2015 - Bg Vocals

Music Videos:

2016 - “Morris & Estelle” - The Novelists

2018 - “Above the Hiding” - The Novelists 


2018 - The Voice Slot Machine - Lead Vocals and Performance on “Calling All Angels” by Train and “Counting Stars” by One Republic.